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Lippy Brothers Farms also owns a layer operation, Sunnyside Poultry Farms, which is located in Westminster, Maryland. We have four buildings that house approximately 398,000 layer hens, which produce 32,000 dozen eggs per day.  The chicken manure is then used as a natural fertilizer for our crops.  

Sunnyside Farms

Solar Array

In 2010, we installed a 200-kw solar system (approximately an acre of solar panels) to assist with providing the large amount of energy needed to run the facility. It was estimated at the time the solar array would offset the energy needed by the utility by 25% but has since proved to provide slightly more than that. In order to educate the public about both the layer farm and it’s use of renewable energy, management had a website created, At the time, it was Maryland’s largest ground-mounted system dedicated for farm use. 

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